Sunday haiku

He called me darling
Known many women before
It was flattery


The rain drips so loudly
It sounds like a washer
As it skids off the roof


The red green contrast
Of blooms on leaves
Is the call of geranium

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Another Day in Paradise

Lucky me! Every day in my life begins with coffee- flavored as it brews with cinnamon and sweetened and creamed.

The days of this week have been just another day except I am drinking that coffee on a wonderful deck overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and Orance Beach.

The weather hasten perfect and the days filled with sun, walking, relaxation and reading. Oh yes, I forgot to mention great seafood at some of the areas best restaurants…..

Soon, probably tomorrow, we will go home. And I am always happy to go home too. Back to the just another day routine. And maybe James.
But I always remind myself that the best days really are those basic, routine, peaceful and comforting days where we can think:just another day!

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Inspired by

The way Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss responded to this prompt I want to make note of a little piece of dust that has blown into my life.

Funny how many things start the same way as her volunteer plant. About six months ago I noticed this tiny speck……a man named James. Just a tiny flicker in the corner of my eye. I met him in another city and then I came home…not thinking of or tending to that tiny seed.

Then about a month ago our paths crossed again. This time the seed had rooted and there was a tiny but beautiful little plant.

So I consciously started to tend to it. And the plant responded in equal shares with the love I was showing it.

Now after three or four weeks it is at the place where most plants are in the early spring. Light green and tender. But every time I look at it it surprises me with its beauty.

I truly hope that this emerging volunteer will grow into a strong and complex plant that lives for a long time. Because so far it is a treasure.

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Share your world.


I just created this reading/sitting room for myself. I am finding it such a refuge! It is something I have wanted all my life. A quiet cozy place to sit and read by a window. I already have a painting or craft room upstairs.

I do like multi level houses. Always wanted that too send have one now. Not sure why they appeal!

As far as favorite bedroom color I recently got that wish too. Painted my room off white with complimentary bed covers and a bit if taupe and silver on accessories.

Oops…I can’t remember the other question! Thanks for asking Cee. This is fun.

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Daily post:sweet dreams

An amazing dream occurred for me one day and it was just a flash. At least I only remembered it that way. But it was profound for me and led me to take some action that I am glad I took.

I was walking in a big cloud at some sort of outdoor market. In another culture I felt. But at least there were tents. Just as I emerged from one of the tents a tall figure…..I felt it was a man…who had on a dark hoodie walked up close beside my right arm. He looked at me with eyes full of love and said, “there you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

It was such a warm feeling to think that someone tall and strong had loved me enough to try to find me. This feeling led me to search for someone tall and strong that I had not spoken to in over 15 years. And when I first spoke to him on the phone his first words were “I’ve been looking for you”. This gentleman is so very special to me and we have communicated several times a week since then.

But I feel that really the entity in the dream is bigger, more important, more powerful than my earthly friend. But whoever he is….spirit guide, member of my soul family etc. he knows where I am now and his presence is a great comfort!

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Your days are numbered.

It’s taken my hours to come to terms with this prompt which in a meaningful way came to me on this day. Ironically it was a year ago today that my husband passed from this physical world. It was sudden and unexpected three days after a stroke. I had always felt he would outlive me because he was strong and beautiful and my hero. But his days were numbered as are ours all. It was his time. Now looking back I see that it was approaching but then I did not.

The learning I took from his sudden departure is that we treasure every day on this earth and live it as if it were our last. But that we understand that one day we too will go through this transition. It is not to fear as it is a passage to the “next chapter” of our existence.

But indeed….our days are numbered.

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New place


In keeping with the title of my blog I am sharing with you a new place where I arrived yesterday. Kailua Beach Hawaii.

Significant time has us up early this morning watching daylight creep in over the tops of the palms that surround this lovely house where we are staying.

Light breezes and low temps in the high 60s made for perfect sleeping with open windows.

Seeing what the weather is like over most of the northern hemisphere today makes me feel as if I am cheating!

Believe me I will cherish every second.

As an added attraction the sound if the birds singing in this paradise is also amazing!

Stay tuned for more posts from Hawaii!

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