She breathes us

In all the years that I have studied and looked at the idea of the sacred feminine I never thought of her incarnation in each if us.

Chameli Armagh tells us that Shakti is the force that makes us what we are in this very moment. She is the very breath we breathe.

Lisa Schrader tells us Shakti is the force of that makes the grass grow, the heart beat and the tides move.

While the church plotted to remove the Goddess from our environment the Hindu religion never gave up respect for this huge feminine force. She has always been revered as the Goddesses of yoga: Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali. We will talk more about these later.

And Andrew Harvey in an interview with Lisa Schrader says:

Jesus could easily have become an ascetic but she as Mary Magdalene brought the glory of divine sensuality to his message. She brought him the glory of being loved and adored in his sacred body by a women he adored.

So in this time of changing paradigms and the re emergence of the Great Goddess into our awareness we each as females are lifted up from our place of patriarchal disrespect by the thought that SHE actually breathes in our very body and fills us with her power of sacred love.

Stop for a moment and recognize this amazing truth! To glimpse it for just a Mille second changes everything…..lifts us up…fills us with enormous love and starts to heal the pain we carry for our own past hurts and those of our ancestors!


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