An enormous subject

I want to take a moment of your time to recount the enormity of the subject I am embarking on. Here are just a few facets of this diamond!

There is the study of the prehistoric time when god was viewed as woman. Lots of information out there on this subject to discuss…books from Merlin Stone and Marija Gimbutas among others. These show difinitive proof that these prehistoric people viewed the female side of god.

Then there is the exploration of the downfall of this image from the time of the inquisition through the Salem witch hunts.

These events led to thousands of years of persecution of women just because they were women by men and actually sometime by women because women were in bitter competition for the favor of the more powerful male.

Ultimately there is much ancestral healing that needs to be done around this mistreatment. Yet another facet to explore.

Now comes the re-emergence of the feminine and the sacred feminine that will restore women to their rightful place in the world. A part of this is our personal recognition of the feminine spirit living within ourselves. A spirit we have been made unfamiliar with in our quest to survive in the patriarchal world.

Now is the time to stop and hear the calling from within to embrace our own magnificent feminine side. This will lead to the sparkle in the diamond that we become as we polish our persona.

In the perfect world neither female nor male is better or higher but all are equal. To attain this perfection however there is much healing and balancing to be done…..and it is our responsibility to take this calling seriously. Because if we don’t who will.


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Now is the time to write the truth........about the self........
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