Inspired by

The way Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss responded to this prompt I want to make note of a little piece of dust that has blown into my life.

Funny how many things start the same way as her volunteer plant. About six months ago I noticed this tiny speck……a man named James. Just a tiny flicker in the corner of my eye. I met him in another city and then I came home…not thinking of or tending to that tiny seed.

Then about a month ago our paths crossed again. This time the seed had rooted and there was a tiny but beautiful little plant.

So I consciously started to tend to it. And the plant responded in equal shares with the love I was showing it.

Now after three or four weeks it is at the place where most plants are in the early spring. Light green and tender. But every time I look at it it surprises me with its beauty.

I truly hope that this emerging volunteer will grow into a strong and complex plant that lives for a long time. Because so far it is a treasure.


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