Daily post:sweet dreams


An amazing dream occurred for me one day and it was just a flash. At least I only remembered it that way. But it was profound for me and led me to take some action that I am glad I took.

I was walking in a big cloud at some sort of outdoor market. In another culture I felt. But at least there were tents. Just as I emerged from one of the tents a tall figure…..I felt it was a man…who had on a dark hoodie walked up close beside my right arm. He looked at me with eyes full of love and said, “there you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

It was such a warm feeling to think that someone tall and strong had loved me enough to try to find me. This feeling led me to search for someone tall and strong that I had not spoken to in over 15 years. And when I first spoke to him on the phone his first words were “I’ve been looking for you”. This gentleman is so very special to me and we have communicated several times a week since then.

But I feel that really the entity in the dream is bigger, more important, more powerful than my earthly friend. But whoever he is….spirit guide, member of my soul family etc. he knows where I am now and his presence is a great comfort!


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