Mirror mirror – believe it or not


I do think that actually my mirror image is getting closer to who I am. That is because I am getting closer to who I am!

At this “ripe old age” I am finally free and able to discover and to be who I am.

The only artificiality to my image is hair color. And that because I feel so much younger than the white hair decries. And when I see it peeping out I rush to cover it because it makes me feel so old.

But the color looks healthy and younger…not artificial and harsh like it has at some times In my life since I greyed at 30.

I have noticed lately especially on television that so many people, men and women, have had “work” done on their faces. Sometimes every year between seasons. They don’t even look like themselves. Julianna Margulies …. please..even her voice is different.

I know it is the new thing…new that we can do it and can afford it. And it is apparently highly touted and advertised by the medical community. But do you really want to look in the mirror and see someone else? I don’t! Why does everyone want to look just alike? That is very boring. Julianna had suck a beautifully distinctive face. Now that distinction is gone.

But because I am finally free to stop and think who I am or what I want to be I believe my true features are showing through! And amazingly enough I look now more like I did at 18 than I have for several decades. Go figure.


About sophieA

Now is the time to write the truth........about the self........
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