I have all kinds of quirky habits! Just ask my kids. And lately I added a new one…..posting on WordPress every day or so.

The most noticeable habit I have is my daily power naps. Every day I sleep about 15 to 20 minutes sometime in the midday. This restores me and I get a complete new start physically and mentally. Sometimes I even take 2 such naps….depending on schedule and activities, etc.

Another habit which my children found or find irritating is my interest in the weather and the forecasting thereof. For several years I talked to them about this on my weekly phone calls and I could tell they would rather not be bothered.

But then after my husband died and my life was turned upside down that habit went away. I finally realized that my old life had been so boring and routine that there was nothing else to talk about. That is no longer the case because when all else fails I talk about some of the fascinating blogs I read.

So you see there can be a good and positive side to everything….,even something as disturbing and disruptive as the death of a spouse.


About sophieA

Now is the time to write the truth........about the self........
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