Daily prompt: style icon.

It’s been weeks since I wrote! Travel, holidays, illness, house guests all conspired against me. But the worst obstacle was the pain and sadness of my first Christmas without my beloved husband and all the bittersweet memories of last year this time when he was here. Because he was unwell and it is sad to remember.
But, alas I have survived. And now I want to think about the style I will follow as I return once again to writing…more often I hope.
I was a bit undone with the daily prompts and thinking of adopting a new theme. But what? I don’t want to read 100 books or try to be a comedian. I am not really a story teller and have never written a haiku. But I do enjoy the challenge presented to me here. But I enjoy more reading all the lovely and inspiring posts from those I follow! I have learned about living on the coast of France, about the Anglo-Swiss, about a garden in Ireland and a lady with a rocket stove who is opposed to fracking….as am I.
I was flying home from Idaho after Christmas….the leg from Minneapolis and a nice young man was sitting next to me in first class. Don’t ask….not a usual occurrence for me but first class could spoil one quickly!
Anyway I wondered why he was paying the extra bucks. You know how curious we women can be. Finally near the end of the trip he decided to tell me his life story. Seems he works as a miner for an oil company drilling wells near the Canadian border…..and they are fracking wells! I wanted so much to let him have it. But shy southern girl that I am I bit my tongue. After all it isn’t his fault personally….right?
He told me that the company is making lots of money and pays for all his expenses and flies him back and forth home every 6 weeks by first class. Made me think of my friend with the garden in Ireland and how she refuses to use gas because of people like him. People who are part of deep destruction of our beautiful Gaia in the name of energy,
Pity I was such a wimp!


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