Now you see me

I am a garden club member.
I am a bridge club member.
I am a yoga practitioner.
I am Howards’s wife.
I am Elizabeth’s mother.
I am Vincent’s assistant.
I am Sara’s grandmother.
I am a good cook.
I am an aunt and a sister in law.
You can see me.

I am no longer an assistant.
I am no longer a wife. My husband died.
I am a grandparent to one who lives far away.
The garden club doesn’t exist any more.
The bridge club is gone too.
There is no need to cook any more.
I could only watch TV and no one would notice.
Can you still see me?

Ah – I am a new friend.
I still do yoga.
I start to live a more spiritual life.
I connect with the trees and the birds in my yard.
I meet the great spirit of a great tree.
I care about GMO foods and chakra balancing.
I learn to journey.
I reach back in my memories to earlier lives.
I reach out to the Goddess. I reach in to the Goddess.

I  paint. I sculpt pocket goddesses.

I have a new, deeper and richer life.
I am a crone? I am a priestess?

What a great power.
This power to be seen again.

The power to be re-created.
Because I will it to be so.


About sophieA

Now is the time to write the truth........about the self........
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