Close Call

I had a really legitimate and scary close call Friday night.

I had gone out for dinner and leaving the restaurant the first traffic light was a major intersection in our little town. As I approached the intersection all cars were stopped and a BRIGHT Green arrow was showing on my side. I noted that I had a clear shot under the light before it turned.

I approached the main road with my left turn blinker on and drove out under the light which was STILL bright green arrow. just as I arrived under the light I heard a siren right on top of me. An ambulance raced down the wrong side of the road toward me. I wasn’t sure at first where I should go but raced across and into my left turn just as he swept under the light – where I had just been.

The mistake was that until he reached the actual intersection he was NOT running his siren. I have very good hearing and I can hear a siren a mile away.

So it was a VERY CLOSE call and would have been ugly if he had t-boned my car! Thank goodness that didn’t happen but I can live a long time without another close call like that one!


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