Safety First

Living alone for the first time in my life this last 10 months has made me think often of a security system. I tried to talk myself out of that kind of investment and monthly monitoring fee.

Then yesterday, under suspicious circumstances, my garage door opener went missing. Alarms have gone off in my head and I am completely re-thinking of the importance of such a system living here in the middle of the big city – well in the middle of a suburb of the big city.

Further PROMPTED – no pun intended – by today’s choice of subjects to write on I went out and signed up for a security system – one of those state of the art things with the cameras that you watch on your computer.

I have been a person who most of my life never even locked my doors! I like to feel safe and open BUT then I have never lived alone! SO here we go. Thanks to whoever writes these prompts. You have caused me to put SAFETY FIRST!


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