I’m a nightowl – sort of.

Day 14 of NaBloPoMo

This day has been the hardest so far. I really had no idea what to write about and thought to myself I just don’t care. Nobody reads it anyway. But it IS about commitment. A commitment I made to myself to write every day for November.

Then luckily for me BlogHer posted some prompts and FINALLY something struck a chord. Nothing earthshaking but I can at least relate and get excited enough to sit down and make my commitment!

I am a night owl. For many years I got up at 5:45 to 6:15 to get ready and rush out to work. But NOW – well I am retired and I love turning over to go back to sleep! I find lately I am sleeping well an waking with the daylight which IS around her about 6 AM. But I don’t have to get out of bed. I can pull up the covers and doze again or just lay there and luxuriate in hearing the traffic – in the distance – and knowing I am not going to have to jump in.

I do force myself to rise around 8 as I don’t want to get into the habit of sleeping all day and staying up all night. Well maybe in the right company. If I had a companion to go out with me and sip wine until midnight at a nearby watering hole. OR someone to take me dancing. But alas – most good TV goes off around 11. I get into bed and watch the news or perhaps watch something I have recorded that I think might keep me awake for a while.

And by midnight I am usually snoring. My Mother taught me that if you can’t do it before midnight you have no business doing it. Not sure I absolutely agree – I’ve had lots of fun after midnight. But for the most part it has been my habit to be safely tucked away by then.

So I assume in the strictest sense of the work a night owl WOULD be out late – maybe if I lived in Vegas – but the streets pretty much roll up around her on weeknights in this bedroom community. So I am snoozing and totally chilled out knowing I don’t have to rise early tomorrow.


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