Come Fly with Me
Day 13 of NaBloPoMo

I was raised a naïve little Southern Girl. Those of you from the US know what that means – or at least what you think that means. But truly I had never been out of the South. And truly I know people, peers of mine, who still have never been out of the south. Not everyone travels like I have.

I met my late husband in 1992. He loved to travel and eat out and stay in hotels and his business and family ties warranted that. So we started to fly. My first flight with him was to Philadelphia which was “home” to him.

He had this wonderful trait of wanting to seek out all kinds of interesting things when we travelled. He had and subsequently gave to me a hunger to see the world. Later in life travel expanded for us to Europe because of family ties there but he was always at my side. So the travel was still HIM to me as were so many other things.

A beautiful side effect of this physical travel while residing in the realm of love has been mental flashbacks of our trips. When I was still working I would be quietly at my desk and suddenly have a vision of some wonderful place we had been. La Hoya, The Grand Canyon, South Beach, Boston, Paris, London and on and on! And he never lost his hunger as we were planning a series of trips when he died. Las Vegas, Key West and Dover UK where he so wanted to see the White Cliffs.

Shortly after he died my daughter and I went to Calais where we hoped to see the cliffs across the channel for him. But it was too foggy so we could not actually see them. But we tried.

I truly hope that as he exists now in his spirit form he is able and does fly all over this beautiful world to visit again the places we went as I do in my mind and that he is also inspired and able to fly over to see all the places he so wanted to go. Alaska, Other cities in Europe and on and on. Meanwhile I still feel very close to him when my mind flies to all the places we went. Walking on the streets of Windsor England where he bought me earrings and we ate bangers and mash. I will try to see many more places in real time before I leave this earth.

Thank you baby for the GIFT of flying with me! For teaching me to travel and love all the beautiful sights in this world! I will always miss you being here with me.


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