Favorite Refrigerator Items

Day 12 NaBloPoMo

There are a number of interesting items in my refrigerator. Some of them have great emotion attached.

The most emotional one at this time is the Boston Crème Pie. This fills me with great joy and anticipation! I bought it as a reward for some negative stuff I was dealing with and it has proven to be just what the doctor ordered!

Next of course is my milk. Plain old milk is always a comfort food to me. I learned to love it from my first husband in the early days when I thought he could do no wrong. You know those rosy days when the object of your affection is enough to hold you forever. Well I quit living him but I did NOT quit loving milk and drink a glass every night.

Then eggs – one of my favorite things. No real emotion here except a little guilt perhaps. I could eat eggs for breakfast and egg salad for lunch every day. For many years I actually did that many days. But because of cholesterol issues I cut back to once every day or so.

I have an unopened can of tuna in the fridge. That is a back up in case lunch approaches and I have nothing else on hand. Another favorite lunch item it provides me comfort and stress relief just knowing it is there.

Then we get to the health food. I keep yogurt and kombucho and whey protein etc. in there too but oops – I never get around to eating them! Not when I can have Boston Crème Pie.

One word about the fridge itself. It is brand new and lovely. Wonderful icemaker – which I know those of you in EU or UK don’t have. But the left door sometimes doesn’t close then it starts to make this annoying little beep. YUCK! Whey would they make such a lovely appliance and have it not to close properly! Stresses everywhere!


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