69 years – Day 11 of NaBloPoMo

This post will honor my parents – who if were they still alive would have been married 69 years today!

They met at the height of WWII in a midsized town in the south. My father was somewhat of a romantic, a fine looking young man. My Mother was a beautiful woman – all done up always in the style of the day.

I have their wedding pictures and if I knew how would post one here. But it was 99 degrees in that southern town the day they married and you could easily see the heat in the picture. Everyone looked dewey with sweat and miserable – trying to smile. No air conditioning in 1944.

My mother had been already engaged to a soldier from Maine that she had met during his training at Camp Wheeler in GA. But when she met my father it was “dear John” for him. Good thing because she loved her hometown so much she would have never survived in Maine.

Anyway – the rest of their story was filled with mundane facts. I was the only child and they grew to be each other’s worst enemy. I always said that they spent the 49 years they had killing each other slowly with anger and bitterness.

I would so rather spend 2 weeks with someone who really wanted to be with me than 49 with someone who didn’t.

Anyway – kudos to them for the commitment they made and that they stuck it out “til death do us part”.


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