Connect the Dots

Day 7 of NaBloPoMo

At the suggestion of a neighbor I have started reading The Book Thief. She is an English teacher and said I must read the book before seeing the movie – which does come out this weekend. I can see why because the book is written in such an unusual way. And the writing by Markus Zusak is beautiful. I am sure the movie cannot show that. So I am happy I started reading the book.

The first pages are told in the voice of DEATH. Very different and impactful. It truly brings home the fact that we all will die. Now even though I am 68 I have never really thought much about death. Or at  least MY death.

So last night I awoke in the middle of the night – which is not unusual…..and my mind had CONNECTED THE DOTS. When we die it is US who die. It won’t be someone over there! it is going to be ME who goes through this process/event and no doubt it WILL HAPPEN at some point.

So maybe realizing this in such a profound way is the point at which we become THE CRONE. Maybe this is truly the beginning of wisdom. Maybe this is the point at which we realize we are all the same – all ONE – all cut from the same cloth! No matter how it happens or when we will not escape it – we all will DIE.

And to quote The Book Thief: “The boy’s spirit was soft and cold, like ice cream. He started melting in my arms. Then warming up completely. HEALING.”

We should celebrate that we will all die – and HEAL from all earthly concerns! Connect the dots.


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