Gratitude is the answer

Day 7 NaBloPoMo

Yesterday I found the BlogHer list of Thanksgiving Prompts. I don’t do FaceBook any more – too much silly and personal stuff. But I think these prompts are certainly not to be ignored.

Since I have missed several days I will pick a place to start.

I am thankful for a time when I am strong. That time happens to be NOW. life for

I hate that so many of my blogs go back to the death of my husband earlier this year. But what can I say. That fact has totally informed my life for the last months. I suddenly and with no notice have found myself alone looking after a house and cars and yard along with the pain and sadness of missing him every moment.

I have been strong. That has been my total intent. Perhaps I should have let my guard down a bit and let others help me. But there really has been no one there to do so. I do admit that I have been afraid some. Just from the sheer newness of the situation. But for the most part I welcome the challenge to show how strong I can be and how thankful I am to the powers that be which help me through every moment – my helping guides, angels, or whatever else you might call them. They are the wind beneath my wings that carry me and allow me to be strong.

I am thankful for a time to be strong!


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