Google Look Up

Daily Prompt: Google and Rescue Operation

Day 6 of NaBloPoMo.

My latest search on Google was for Dr. Christiane Northrop. Dr. Northrop is a wise physician who writes on women’s issues and had a great webpage. The reason for my search is that I got an email blog from her and wanted to check out more on her website.  Her website and books are an easy mix between classical medical information/advice and alternative thinking on chakras, energy healing and that other side of the coin.

Speaking of easy mix – I saw my own physician yesterday and was so pleasantly surprised with she started talking about her helping guide who hovers above her shoulder and gives her advice. Apparently this guide agave her some good advice yesterday which steered me to obtain some timely treatment.

Most of my searches online are for health issues or for herbs and supplements or healthy living. I am so deeply interested in these things as well as the importance of eating good fats and leaving off wheat and white sugar. Although I feel that way I am a bit short of eating the paleo diet which I was encouraged to do so by a physician a year ago. I eat very little wheat and sugar but just feel I need that bread once in a while.

The world of alternative medicine, various spiritual philosophies and paganism have become my domain in the last year as I seek out a practice to follow. The problem I am finding is that there are too many options! As with anything else on the internet the menu is too broad and I stew over which is the right thing to do, the right path to follow. The important thing is not which one but the TO FOLLOW part. It is time for me to quit gathering information and settle into a practice of some sort. Maybe just simple mindfulness meditation is quite enough – and not to read about it but to JUST DO IT. One of the main issues of my entire life is to settle into one thing to the exclusion of others because I find everything so fascinating! Do any of you feel that way?

But this month I am following the practice of blogging every day. And even that has it challenges!


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