So we begin

a commitment to last a month! And November will be a busy month for me. It is a month when we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the good old USA and also for me will be a month when I must give a deposition for a lawsuit in which I am involved….much to my chagrin.

So why not add a little more stress to life! I have heretofore written only based on the daily prompt but the thing that is inspiring me to try this challenge is to use my own ideas and not wait every day to see what the prompt is. Sometimes I find them something I don’t want to comment on or have no ideas on – but every day I DO HAVE ideas of my own. So why not tap into that well.

I just read an article in a local weekly newspaper produced here in the deep south where the Tea Party lives. The gentleman who wrote the article was speaking out against the fear tactics used by cable TV and hate monger talk show hosts who have helped to whip up the idea that our country is all but done because the Republican right wingnuts are not in total control of our country. Now lucky for me I am a person of a broader mind who has traveled in several parts of the world and I see the bigger picture – which is why I call them wingnuts. For the past few weeks I have had people say to me that Obamacare is ruining our country. NOT – it is the medical professionals and the greedy insurance companies who are ruining the country with the thinly disguised ruse of blaming Obamacare and the democrats. That very same weekly newspaper was FULL of advertisements for health care businesses as though they were trying to encourage us to buy a particular illness so we could pay them to treat us!

Well this columnist was very bashfully and very timidly suggesting that perhaps some of the things we see on cable TV and hear on these talk shows might be lies – DUH!!! That some of the business people in this country who are in control of the media – and the weather reports might actually be trying to make us afraid in order to make money for themselves…DOUBLE DUH.

Now while I was happy to see this person make any statement at all and I know that those truths need to be very carefully exposed so as not to scare away the truth even more – I was aghast that he had to TIMIDLY state that guess what – the US is alive and well and the future which is very diverse is right outside out door and furthermore that diversity is the exact thing that will allow our country to go along and prosper. Wow! the truth is out! We don’t need to be afraid of THEM any more because THEM is US! no pun intended.

And so it begins – a new day is dawning – one of love and forgiveness and non duality – where we realize that we all are one and we are all in this together.

And so I begin my month of daily blogs! Look out – no telling what I might say!


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