Like a firecracker

He exploded into my life some 35 years ago. We were both married with kids. I was immediately addicted! Very soon after meeting we were doing things convention frowned upon for those in our situation. And immediately he said it was a bad idea and we would do it no more.

Was it that which made it so enticing? Did he know that it would or was he sincerely trying to end it? No matter – all these years later and I still cannot get enough! All these years and much change later.  Two husbands later for me – one unloved was divorced with the hope that Mr. Firecracker might jump in and take his place…not to be…then a second husband dearly loved has now passed away.

So I have spent a LOT of money now to fly to a faraway place JUST to have lunch with him! He is still married. But there are two things in my life that have never changed. The bed I made love to him in is the one I sleep in every night and I am still addicted! I guess just can’t get enough!


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