Celebrate Good TImes


I’ve never been one for fortunes or tarot or the like. But as I age and mature I understand that these are just ways we access our own inner self or our own unconscious and that meaning comes from the interpretation we give to the readings.

The other day I was doing a three card reading in tarot – the first card representing my state of mind on the issue and the middle card representing what I can do to raise the vibrations of the issue and the third card I drew was The Sun card. The article that I referred to for the meaning of this card said it meant CELEBRATION. To get ready – the celebration is coming.

What a wonderful thought that was! I have been waiting and wondering what kind of celebration I should expect. But really we should celebrate EVERY DAY. In fact it is the mundane, the simple days, the routine that we most need to celebrate.

Today I can celebrate all the good, quiet, routine days I had with my late husband – for twenty years. And believe me I was aware that they were special at the time. He and I talked often about celebrating the routine. We would get in bed at night and go to sleep in each other’s arms with the last thought being how wonderful to celebrate that routine. The specialness of that peace and quiet and safety. I am so glad that we noted these times together!

Now I look across the room and see the beautiful box in which his ashes reside and I can still celebrate the life we had together and they way that relationship has changed now that he is not living here with me – but on another plane.

Remember to celebrate every day – even those that may be frustrating! Every day is beautiful in its own way and there are no mistakes! They are the GOOD TIMES! Celebrate them.




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