Thanks! To my neighbor!

I am thankful for many things and grateful as well. I think one of the best ways to be happy is to maintain a mindset of gratitude and think often about all the things we have to be grateful for. Our beds – as I wrote about the other day, our families, the roof over our heads, food to eat, a warm dry place to spend the nights or the winters. The more gratitude we show the more we find to be grateful for.

But for this particular post I want to single out a neighbor of mine who has made a tremendous difference in my life over the last few months.

This particular neighbor has had struggles of her own. 18 months ago she was without a job, worried and stressed, which led to her physical collapse…a serious and almost fatal illness. She almost lost everything she had. Her children rescued her and she spent lots of time in the hospital and in rehab. She was told that she might never be able again to walk or speak.

When she first came home it was painful to see her try to walk around the block. She was very shaky and could barely make it.

My husband and I watched her struggle and shun help many times as she slowly became stronger and finally was well enough to look for a job in her field.

Then on the morning after my husband was taken to the hospital with his stroke, which sadly turned out to be fatal, as I was at the kitchen table making phone calls and talking to family my front door bell rang.

I was astonished to see this very neighbor on my doorstep asking what she could do for me. She had a pencil and paper with her and came in to write a grocery list and off to the store for me since I had family arriving very soon.

She went on to become a rock! A mainstay to my survival through all kinds of pain and chaos. She has been there for me with an objective opinion and creative ideas all along for the past 8 months and is still there for me.

I did tell her yesterday that I would NEVER have made it without her being there a few doors down to help me deal with the horrors I have experienced since his death. She: the one neighbor that I would have characterized as the weakest at the time of his illness! She turned out not only to be strong enough to bring herself back from her own traumas but to successfully lead me through mine.

I hope that she will always be a friend to me – always be close so I can reach out to her and I hope that someday I can be a fraction of the help for her that she has been for me!

THANKS is an understatement!



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