Daily Prompt: Luxurious

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder!

The house I live in is 20 years old. It is a lovely little house, especially when compared to houses I see on HGTV that cost many times the value of mine. And when you look inside some HGTV  houses you often say – WOW – how to people live that way. Some of those houses are REALLY ugly Not the redo’s after they are finished but the before states. Many of them show that the owners have no clue about decorating!

So one gets into the mindset of needing to upgrade after 20 years. Some things in my house have been upgraded but I have never done the $30K granite counter top, island, hood vent kitchen thing. So sometimes I feel as though I am just a second rate person – right? Well not really.

Anyway – recently I was away from home for many weeks staying in the home of family members. Their home is fine and comfortable to them but it is not MY home.

When I returned about 10 days ago I was overwhelmed with how beautiful my own home is. It is bright and airy and clean and cozy. I feel that strongly because I made it that way. I created my home – and continue to do so every day – in a way that is comfortable for me and that makes me feel secure and happy. Returning home after all those weeks in someone else’s home solidified my affection for my own.

The most luxurious thing in my home to me is my BED. I have a four poster “Rice Bed” reproduction from the Charleston Historical Society that I have slept in for the last 30 years. It is queen sized and a thing of beauty in it’s own right. But then I added a pillow top mattress and a number of down pillows and bolsters. Somehow in spite of the prevailing style I feel that my bed should be dressed in white or cream linens. I use very fine linens – not ones that cost hundreds of dollars but linens that are 100% cotton. And I top that off with a down comforter. Even though I live in the south I use down – light weight in the summer with the AC on and a little bit heavier in the winter.

Down offers such a human type warmth. Sometimes I snuggle up beside it rather than under it if the room is quite warm. But it gives you the comfort of sleeping with another human or animal without the kicking and snoring!

In actuality my bed is probably the most luxurious thing I own. It offers me the basest of comfort and is a total secret known only to me – until now.

I love my luxurious bed!


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13 Responses to My BED.

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  7. sheenmeem says:

    One own’s bed is really very important in one’s life. Mine was, and sadly when I was downsizing my home I moved upstairs. The bed couldn’t be moved upstairs, and alas! I had to part with my bed of thirty years.

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