Daily Prompt: Blogger With a Cause

I am a woman with very diverse and very many interests. I have the choice now of deciding how to spend my life and what causes to give my energy to…here as I am left to live alone. I am blessed by the Universe to have the abundance to not have to work here in my “old age” and I am also blessed by the Universe to have lots of free and unencumbered time.

So to what cause do I want to pledge myself? That is the $64,000 question.

I am an artist of sorts. Lets say I love to paint abstract pieces. I am in the midst of developing this interest and I could so give all my time to this pursuit.

I am a writer of sorts. I love my time each day with WordPress and hope to further develop my blogs.

But the “Cause” that most calls me is the cause of bringing back the female divine into our patriarchal world. This world which has been pre-eminent since the beginnings of “the church” as we know it has brought us fear and anger, greed and never ending war. Harking back to a time before this when SHE ruled the world things were warmer and cozier and more loving and goals were reached by love and not war.

So I have been in the process of studying all the different avenues of spirituality from Gangaji to Buddha in trying to piece together a divinity in my mind which suits me. I had a mentor once who said that we all create our own Gods. I took real issue with this, being at that time a practicing Methodist. But years of study and exposure have made me realize that he was completely accurate! And I am so happy that I was exposed to that idea when I was because it truly changed my life.

Take a moment – or a lifetime as I have – to peruse all the websites or books out there about religion and spirituality and you will see that  there are almost as many varieties of spiritual practice as there are people. Indeed within the framework of religions or practices which might encompass a mindset agreed upon by a few or a lot of people you will find that each individual actually has their own personal set of beliefs adopted from their mindset of choice but also probably add their own personal slant.

The “God” most comfortable to me and the one with whom I resonate the most is the Goddess. She is something like the female influence in the Avalon books….but not necessarily worshipped by a coven. This goddess is a healer and a practitioner of non-duality or the oneness of the world. She rules with love and compassion and acceptance. I reach her by saying little “Spells” as a witch would do – very simple little requests for safety or sleep or love – but I say them as prayers and I am sure that she hears.

It can be much more complicated than that! Universities have been built, PhD’s have been earned, cathedrals erected and much, much more in the name of reaching out to the divine. But it doesn’t need to be complicated at all, It doesn’t need doctrines and dogmas.

Very simply, women have always been healers and unfortunately millions were killed because they were supposedly witches. So the name witch is in respect for those millions who were attempting to bring unconditional love and healing to our world. But I don’t believe that circles or pentacles are necessary.  But if that floats your boat then by all means join in.

That is the key – we ALL create our own Gods and that is perfectly ok. So my cause is NOT a big one – to try to convince the world to agree with ME……but my intent  is to bring unconditional love and acceptance and healing into the world. And the vehicle for that intent, I believe, is one whom we can call Goddess.


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