John Lennon – Don’t Let Me Down

Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55

I am an avid lover of music and listen to all types from all sources. It is a weird coincidence that the last song I heard was the vocal tract of John Lennon singing Don’t Let Me Down.

The source of that song for me today was a website called Open Culture. Open Culture is a rich and diverse source of exciting information. The email I receive from them every day is one of the highlights of my life and I typically spend an hour or so investigating the various links they provide.

The background of this track/song of which the third line was also “Don’t let me down” is that Lennon recorded it in 1969 while in a very stressful situation which was leading up to the breakup of the famed group. He was at that time already associated with Yoko One, an artist that he met in 1966 whom he became enamoured with and spent much time with. He also gave her lots of control over his life and ultimately introduced that control into the life of the Beetles by allowing her to be in the recording studio when they were working. This broke a tacit agreement that they had not to allow spouses etc. into that environment. This situation was one of the major factors in the breakup of the group. Lennon was in a very weakened position at that time because of his use of heavy drugs.

In an interview about the song, Paul McCartney stated that he thought the lyrics were a sincere cry for help from John. Very little has been written about this period and the influence of Yoko on the group and their demise.

I was a freshman in college the first time I ever saw the Beetles and that was the historical performance the Ed Sullivan Show. We were all sort of watching with our draws dropping to the floor – so this is the group we have been hearing of. It is common knowledge now how influential they were to the culture of the world.

As for the Open Culture site One of the other articles today was about William Faulkner and showed video or movie footage if you will of a documentary on his life and times shown on a 1952 TV Show called Omnibus. I did NOT see that show on TV in 1952 because my family in Georgia considered it a bit on the “egg head” side and did not spend time watching it. It might have taken their attention away from Dragnet or Alfred Hitchcock or other formidable shows. But seeing the footage took me back to an earlier time in the South and I could make many comments on that situation but do not chose to do so at this time.

Rather I will bring my discourse back to Don’t Let Me Down. I think that plea is one that many of use often in crying out to the universe or to fate. We feel that we have done our part and really need a boost from the powers that be. We call out in prayer or supplication for assistance – don’t let me down.

And the responses we get to that plea – well that is a story for another day.


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