A Picture is worth 1000words



Oh my sweet little one – what are you waiting for? Mommy? Grandma? Daddy? Sitter? Nanny? Cookies? ice Cream? Cotton Candy?

Life? That is what you are waiting for but you just don’t know it. And it will creep up on you a moment at a time. Someone will come with that ice cream and you will eat it then move on to the next little thing.

And next thing you know there will be day care or preschool then elementary and high school and before your parents can blink you will be writing applications for college. Then graduating with honors and going on for the Masters. Then the BIG job and the BIG wedding then the new babies and then

One of those sweet little things will be sitting on the edge of the merry go round waiting for YOU to come bring them that ice cream cone.

And so it goes…..


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Now is the time to write the truth........about the self........
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