Interesting food for thought on this Wednesday morning on the West Shore….I do think that my relatively new blog has reflected who I am – if maybe not so much what I am doing. I have sought to cover up some feelings and maudlin thoughts as I present theoretically to my public. My husband died nearly 7 months ago and my entire life has been consumed with grief and thought around that. But I have tried hard NOT to let every post go straight to that energy which has been very jumbled and confused. So writing my posts has helped me in hanging out some clarity and building a new life.

I really want to get to be more proficient with the mechanics of the site so that I can present a solid and interesting blog. The computer I am currently using has no pictures as it is borrowed – another story entirely – so I have not been able to add photos much.

But I think that there is no way a blog cannot reflect its creator even if you try and I have. I feel sure that anyone who read all my blogs would be aware of my grief even though I have tried to mask it. Just as artwork shows our imprint the words we use show our imprint surely.

Hopefully as time goes by the blog will start to show some new joy, settle down into somewhat of a routine and take on some of the higher characteristics of its creator as I struggle through the rest of this grief and make a normal life for myself alone.


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Now is the time to write the truth........about the self........
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