Life after blogs

Today’s prompt is a very timely one for me. I am visiting with my daughter and her family and I do not have a computer…just my ipad. So I am really not able to blog because I have not yet mastered the software/app on the ipad. Today I borrowed a computer from which to blog. And even though I have only been dong this for few weeks I already feel lost without access. Certainly would feel that way if no one blogged any more because reading other’s work has become an important part of my day.

But the bigger question I think is what medium will come next – after blogging. I admit that for years I thought blogging and reading blogs was a total waste of time. And I still do to some extent. Who in the world should care what I write about? And why should I care what others think or write? I have now realized the intrinsic value of communicating with others from all over the world – on all different subjects to learn what they think and what their view of the world is. It is a totally amazing experience and one that did not exist several years ago.

As all trends go this one too will probably fade or change or more likely be replaced at some point by some newer technology. Who knows what that will be? Is there any spark on the horizon?

While now every store you go in wants your email address so they can send you their daily blog full of advertisement and links to their Facebook and Twitter pages so that they can track your buying and interest patterns – what will be the next means of attack. Oh yes I did fail to mention that I think this invasion of privacy is abominable but I do wonder what will be next.

So as I struggle with the borrowed computer – and can’t wait to go home to my own where I can practice and better hone the blogging craft I am certain there are gurus contemplating what will be next for us readers and writers.


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  1. inkspeare says:

    Hello, thank you for stopping by my blog. Best wishes and many blessings on your journey 🙂

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