Dream Home

Daily Prompt: Dream Home

The words dream home have a double connotation for me. For years I have had dreams about new homes and some of them have been strange. I know there is a psychological meaning to these dreams most likely but I do not know what it is. In my dreams I am excited to be moving into a wonderful home and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger as I tour it deciding how to place my furniture.

But as for planning my dream home – the location would be more important than the interior. I just feel strongly that I should live under Live Oaks. That would mean somewhere near the coast. This gut feeling that draws me to that area is not logically explainable but it is very strong. At this time I see absolutely no possibility that it will ever happen but still I feel it strongly. Does that mean that in some prior life perhaps I lived under the Live Oaks? Or just that I long to live near the sea in this life.

Evan a tiny little cottage circa 1945 would be acceptable although I would want a closet…lol. And a modern kitchen….and a gorgeous view of the ocean with the waves lapping the shore…tides coming in and out…viewing storms and sun and moon over the waves! So wonderful that would be. The ocean to me is such an adventure. Although I have no desire whatsoever to be in it or on it as I don’t swim and I get seasick. But I LOVE to be beside it. Especially be beside in in Savannah where the ships sail up the river from far places full of wares after they have plied them over the high seas!

But – I digress – a Charleston type house with  beautiful hardwood floors and a side porch with a Charleston Blue ceiling. This house would be furnished in gorgeous period pieces brought over from England hundreds of years ago. And it would have a garden with lovely blue hydrangeas. And a beautiful green lawn rolling down to the beach where I could walk over the boardwalk and stroll miles up and down every day in thoughtfulness and mindfulness.

What a dream home that would be. My real dream come true!


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