Moment of Kindness

This prompt has been in the back of my mind all day but I had not yet written anything. Not because I couldn’t think of examples but because there were so many examples of this in my life over the last few months.

But then I went to run an errand and was standing in a line at the checkout. In front of me was a lady with 2 girls…assuming a mother and two sisters but no confirmation. The older girl was around 11 and the younger maybe 2.

Absolutely precious! She was dressed in shorts made from a salmon colored cotton with a little crisp white tee shirt. Had on cute little sandals to match with painted toenails and light brown ringlets circling her face.

The older girl had her back turned when I first noticed them. She was unwrapping a lollipop that appeared from nowhere and then turned back around to hand it to the little sister.

The baby’s face lit up and she said “thank you” in those first little words that are really hard to understand when one start to talk, Then she tool a lick from the lollipop and started jumping up and down….saying “Yummy Yummy Yummy.”

She was so excited that she actually peeped around her mother to be sure that I also could see that she was happy and had that wonderful lollipop at which she repeated again several times – Yummy!

I thought to myself – there is my Moment of Kindness. This big sister giving her sibling a small candy for the pure pleasure of it. Probably the start of a trend – these sisters will probably share moments of kindness and support of each other for the next 70 years or so, experiencing that intimacy that only sisters share whether they be blood kin or just sisters in friendship.

Let’s all think of how we can share kindness with someone over the next few days – and maybe every day from now on remembering this lovely example.


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2 Responses to Moment of Kindness

  1. Archita says:

    Beautiful. 🙂

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