The Jittery Goat wrote a phenomenal post to this theme today. Of course he always does. But he compares WordPress to a Flea Market and the analogy certainly fits.
Per his thought process I am just setting up my tent and looking around at my competitors or shall we say colleagues. I have still to learn lots about the technical side of WordPress and still to figure out the angle or angles I will use to approach my blog.
I must say that so far my adventures in blog land have been among the most rewarding of my life. I have selected several quality blogs to follow and their posts greet me as I drink my first coffee of the day. So far my musings have been personal thoughts about the state of my life at this time BUT I hope to evolve into some theme that will offer the reader more quality.
My initial thoughts about blogging were to use the exercise to vent thoughts and emotions that I was not comfortable sharing with others. But I see early on that there is so much more to this.
So while my tagline for life might be old crone my tagline for WordPress should be NEWBIE. And it is an interesting place to find oneself at any stage of life…on the threshold of a big new world full of all the wonder of a Flea Market. Thanks Jittery Goat http://jitterygt.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/blogging-is-like-a-flea-market/ for that analogy!

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Now is the time to write the truth........about the self........
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