Normal is GOOD

DSC_0759Several years ago my husband was quite ill and in the hospital for 21 days. Life was surely not normal then. I was racing back and forth the 30 minute drive multiple times a day trying to work and take care of him while all the time worried about his health and his survival.

Finally after losing 30 pounds but healing he did come home and I spend some time making sure he got all his meals on time so he would gain back his lost weight but finally life came back to normal.

After that I realized – and said to many people – that the plain old boring normal days are the best. They are the meat of our lives – the bread and butter of existence – the sustenance that we feed on emotionally. Those lovely days are the ones to cherish until not normal returns as it surely will at some point.

Time went on and it seemed that our normal times grew richer. We were able to spend more time together and our relationship and our love grew.

Last fall as we approached a trip over the Christmas holidays I became alarmingly cautious that going away on that particular trip was going to interfere with our normal. I remember that as I finally shut the bags in mid December I felt a stab of yearning and hoped that the 14 days we would be away would not destroy our normal. I guess now looking back that it was some type of ESP or omen that I thought that way. Because we did go on that trip – and normal would never return to my life in the way it had been.

Now – 5 months after the death of my husband I am finally beginning to establish a new normal. Even though I miss him terribly I find that I enjoy every part of my day and every part of my home in a new way. Once again acutely aware that the normal days are the best. And more acutely aware how quickly they can disappear – how short and tenuous life is – and how we need to treasure every normal moment.

Next time you feel a bit bored come into the present and look around at normal and realize that it is such a treasure and it will change only too soon.

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5 Responses to Normal is GOOD

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  3. kiyudesu says:

    <\3 I almost feel bad for writing my DP-challenge blog.
    Thanks for a totally different perspective on 'normal', that I totally overlooked.
    I wish you the best of normal for the future ❤

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