Still learning

I wonder if I will ever feel that I am accomplished enough to publish posts of the quality I have been reading here. My goad in starting this blog was to comment on life, my philosophies and current events in my own voice, afraid no more of what people would think of me since there is no reason to matter any more. I don’t have a job to lose since I retired and I don’t have a husband to please since he died. My children are going to love me no matter what I say. So I am seeking to find a place of expression.

Then I start to read the blogs and I am surprised at what is being done here. People are writing “reports” of things that interest them. Like book reports or explanations of pictures etc. That was not exactly what I had in mind.

So maybe I was barking up the wrong tree…maybe a blog is not what I want to do. Tell me – is this a place where I can post my opinion and my feelings? OR is this just another place of reporting about surface incidents that we pass in life?

I was at first inclined to pour out my feelings about the death of my husband and surrounding chaos. Then I realized that no one here is doing that. So maybe I just need to post in a paper journal – which I am doing as well.

My favorite blogger so far is “An Indigenous History”. This writer is super intelligent, informative and entertaining regarding a subject that is very important and needs to be brought out into the open. I could spend days, weeks, months just reading his recommendations and his blog…but alas…I need to practice and find something worthy of my own blog publishing!


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Now is the time to write the truth........about the self........
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2 Responses to Still learning

  1. overcoming1 says:

    I encourage you to write whatever is on your heart. That is being real. My blog is so random and far beneath the bar if I were to measure it by what I have read as well. So what if people like it or not? When you express yourself in writing about things that would have just stayed swimming around your head, you find relief. And there are many, myself included, who may find wisdom in your words.
    You are NOT barking up the wrong tree. Go ahead, Bark! This is a Great Tree!!!

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