Crones are supposed to be cross

I am finding myself at the time in life when I am supposed to be a crone. My children are all grown and I am living alone since the death of my husband – about which I am very sad BUT I find life new and exciting with a chance to make my own choices, spend time as I chose and enjoy a privacy that I have never experienced. So I am a happy crone and a young one too I feel in spite of my age.

I wake each day with expectation and enjoy overwhelming support from the universe through synchronicities and outright answers to my every whim.

At this time I am enjoying a visit with family – the younger generation not ancestral – in Belgium. Brussels is an old dilapidated city which is somewhat dirty and the scheduling of businesses is totally weird and cumbersome. This visit has been a time however for moving into who I am and who I am going to be going forward for the next chapter of my life. It has moved me away from the sadness and chaos regarding the death of my husband and set me on an every widening path of discovery and enjoyment. I am not sure how our souls will manifest in the afterlife but I am pretty sure we won’t be eating ice cream or enjoying other “earthy” and sensual pleasures. So whatever days I have left I hope to take pleasure in the pleasures of the senses to a greater degree. The sudden death of my husband has made me realize that we never know when the end will come and should live each day as if it is our last. And rather than being stuck in the past we need to embrace the present and the future at any age…..

So welcome to my new blog where I will tell you about my new and exciting life at 67 and living alone for the first time.


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Now is the time to write the truth........about the self........
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