i havent posted in quite a while. But I can’t resist responding to my favorite color! Purple! Any shade from the color of the sky just before dark to the color I most like to wear which is really indigo…a purplish blue the color of my eyes.

in these amazing times it behooves us all to be aware of the violet flame and uts uses.

Purple is often considered the color of royalty. And of course was featured by the late entertainer Prince. In 1982 I traveled to Paris with a group of kids from my daughters French class. I had never flown before and the experience was quite an initiation. One of the group had music. It must have been a CD player or maybe even tapes at that time. I almost said she had an iPod but I realized they haven’t always existed – as ubiquitous as they are now. Anyway I believe she played Prince for the entire 8 hour flight. I was initiated into his music as well as into flying a toute I would do quite a few more times!

There is a poem by Jenny Joseph:

when im old I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.

and I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves and satin sandals and say we’ve no money for butter.

look it up…it gets better. I am old and wear purple and do other things to make up for “the sobriety of my youth”. So let me go now and get busy….oh yes I eschew the red hat!

have a happy purple day. I will check my closet for purple before I dress!









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There is no need

No need to do more

No need to get more

No need to be more

No need to say more

No need to hear more

No need to have more

No need to think more

Just BE.

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Shakti is the force, movement, behind all being……


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She breathes us

In all the years that I have studied and looked at the idea of the sacred feminine I never thought of her incarnation in each if us.

Chameli Armagh tells us that Shakti is the force that makes us what we are in this very moment. She is the very breath we breathe.

Lisa Schrader tells us Shakti is the force of that makes the grass grow, the heart beat and the tides move.

While the church plotted to remove the Goddess from our environment the Hindu religion never gave up respect for this huge feminine force. She has always been revered as the Goddesses of yoga: Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali. We will talk more about these later.

And Andrew Harvey in an interview with Lisa Schrader says:

Jesus could easily have become an ascetic but she as Mary Magdalene brought the glory of divine sensuality to his message. She brought him the glory of being loved and adored in his sacred body by a women he adored.

So in this time of changing paradigms and the re emergence of the Great Goddess into our awareness we each as females are lifted up from our place of patriarchal disrespect by the thought that SHE actually breathes in our very body and fills us with her power of sacred love.

Stop for a moment and recognize this amazing truth! To glimpse it for just a Mille second changes everything…..lifts us up…fills us with enormous love and starts to heal the pain we carry for our own past hurts and those of our ancestors!

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An enormous subject

I want to take a moment of your time to recount the enormity of the subject I am embarking on. Here are just a few facets of this diamond!

There is the study of the prehistoric time when god was viewed as woman. Lots of information out there on this subject to discuss…books from Merlin Stone and Marija Gimbutas among others. These show difinitive proof that these prehistoric people viewed the female side of god.

Then there is the exploration of the downfall of this image from the time of the inquisition through the Salem witch hunts.

These events led to thousands of years of persecution of women just because they were women by men and actually sometime by women because women were in bitter competition for the favor of the more powerful male.

Ultimately there is much ancestral healing that needs to be done around this mistreatment. Yet another facet to explore.

Now comes the re-emergence of the feminine and the sacred feminine that will restore women to their rightful place in the world. A part of this is our personal recognition of the feminine spirit living within ourselves. A spirit we have been made unfamiliar with in our quest to survive in the patriarchal world.

Now is the time to stop and hear the calling from within to embrace our own magnificent feminine side. This will lead to the sparkle in the diamond that we become as we polish our persona.

In the perfect world neither female nor male is better or higher but all are equal. To attain this perfection however there is much healing and balancing to be done…..and it is our responsibility to take this calling seriously. Because if we don’t who will.

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Encountering the Feminine

I invite you to join with me in a new venture….a new adventure. Well really that is a misnomer because this quest has been in the deepest part of my heart for many years. Now is the time to bring it forth and develop it.

My quest is the process of encountering the feminine. Marion Woodman spoke in 2004 about how difficult it is to recognize the feminine because so few of us have ever seen her.

My quest developed over many years with an initial “knowing” that somehow culture, the church, the powers that be had shortchanged women over the ages…slanting advantages toward the masculine. This thought developed in my mind in the late 70s to mid 80s when I lived in a place with no access to the treasure trove of studies already out there on this subject.

But the return of this female model is now bursting onto the scene as we approach the end of the patriarchal Piscean Age and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius in which the Goddess is approaching on a tidal wave!

If she is indeed a tidal wave and I think that we will see as time moves on that she is…then each of us is a droplet in that ocean. Each of us both men and women because we each have both a feminine and masculine energy. It behooves us to be conscious of this approach and learn who she is, how her arrival will save the earth and what role is ours to play in this miraculous change.

This is a huge subject. It contains several aspects. One is the study of what happened historically to the feminine energy that once graced the earth. another facet is how to welcome and develop the feminine presence in our own spirits by recognizing that she…Shakti…actually breathes through us and we will become increasingly aware of this. But perhaps most importantly we will learn that we no longer need to hide or try to show only our masculine energy. The world is becoming increasingly safe for her to show her face and be a welcomed with open arms.

So I invite you to join me in the coming weeks and months as I commit to this exploration on my own behalf, on behalf of all my sisters alive today and all our sisters who are and have been the victim of violence and suppression of our inner beauty over thousands of years.

May the blessing of the Goddess abound in our lives today!

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Sunday haiku


He called me darling
Known many women before
It was flattery


The rain drips so loudly
It sounds like a washer
As it skids off the roof


The red green contrast
Of blooms on leaves
Is the call of geranium

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Another Day in Paradise


Lucky me! Every day in my life begins with coffee- flavored as it brews with cinnamon and sweetened and creamed.

The days of this week have been just another day except I am drinking that coffee on a wonderful deck overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and Orance Beach.

The weather hasten perfect and the days filled with sun, walking, relaxation and reading. Oh yes, I forgot to mention great seafood at some of the areas best restaurants…..

Soon, probably tomorrow, we will go home. And I am always happy to go home too. Back to the just another day routine. And maybe James.
But I always remind myself that the best days really are those basic, routine, peaceful and comforting days where we can think:just another day!

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Inspired by


The way Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss responded to this prompt I want to make note of a little piece of dust that has blown into my life.

Funny how many things start the same way as her volunteer plant. About six months ago I noticed this tiny speck……a man named James. Just a tiny flicker in the corner of my eye. I met him in another city and then I came home…not thinking of or tending to that tiny seed.

Then about a month ago our paths crossed again. This time the seed had rooted and there was a tiny but beautiful little plant.

So I consciously started to tend to it. And the plant responded in equal shares with the love I was showing it.

Now after three or four weeks it is at the place where most plants are in the early spring. Light green and tender. But every time I look at it it surprises me with its beauty.

I truly hope that this emerging volunteer will grow into a strong and complex plant that lives for a long time. Because so far it is a treasure.

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